Your company has a unique brand message, and you’ve done a great job communicating to your audience how you’re different from your competitors. Now, how about leveraging your brand message a little further by lending it to a great local cause?

Businesses that give back are what make a vibrant local community. Giving back tends to be contagious, so when you embrace a cause in the community, you’ll get your customers and other local businesses thinking in an “others first” kind of way.

How do you get started?

Choose a local cause.  There may be a nonprofit in the area that ties in naturally with what your company does. If there isn’t a clear compatibility, though, there are many great causes to work with.  You could partner with a homeless shelter, a food pantry or local fire and police just to name a few. Each of these organizations will welcome your participation in their efforts.

You know that your employees want to work somewhere that’s more than just a business. Invite your employees to be a part of the decision to support a local cause. It will help expand your consideration of which nonprofits you might support, and once you choose one, you’ll have better buy-in from your team if they were invited to be a part of the selection process.

Host an event. Here’s where you can get creative. It’s sometimes fun to pull in a theme or a community tradition that you can center your event around. You’ll be able to either donate a portion of the proceeds or host a drive to collect an item or group of items that the nonprofit group can use.

Events are great because they give you the opportunity to act as a liaison between your customers and your chosen cause. Your reputation as a quality business in the community will draw your customers, and raise awareness among your attendees. Even if your customers don’t buy or even participate, they’ll still see your announcements, flyers and get a glimpse of a cause that they might otherwise never encounter.

If you sell a particular product, consider hosting a season-themed show. A perfect example of this is the upcoming Spring Trunk Show at Dr. Rosenak’s Optical Options to support the YWCA Women’s Shelter. The event invites the public to come in and try on a special collection of spring and summer styles while enjoying refreshments, a photo booth and a display of an assortment of local products.

What’s good for your local nonprofits is good for everyone, so don’t hesitate to get started supporting an area cause. You’ll help build a better community and raise awareness for an important cause.

Dr. Steven Rosenak

Dr. Steven Rosenak has been practicing in St. Joseph for 27 years. Dr. Rosenak’s Optical Options has been serving families in St. Joseph and the surrounding area for more than 16 years. Along with our commitment to offering the most current technologies for treatment, we offer truly individualized customer service. We treat our patients like family, partnering with you to find the best options available. We welcome patients of all ages, and encourage you to bring your whole family to make Dr. Rosenak’s Optical Options your eye care home.