Retailers know the importance of a solid online image. Cyber Monday makes bigger gains each year over the historically important Black Friday. But customers are online in bigger numbers throughout the year, not just during holiday time. And retailers are not the only ones who need a well-crafted website. Whatever your business, you need a compelling presence in the online world. One of the quickest ways to stand out from the crowd of competitive websites is through the use of quality images.

Professional, not Casual
Crisp, professional images are important. They tell site visitors that you are a quality enterprise. Professional photographers will know how to create images that deliver the strongest appeal, both of you and your product. Unprofessional images, by contrast, will be readily apparent and will reflect a less-than-desirable image for your business.

Highlighting Strengths
Posting professional product images is a terrific bonus for you when you think about it. Up close pictures let visitors see exactly what you have to offer. Pictures have the added advantage of allowing you to direct customer attention to the details and features which you feel are your strongest selling points. You are able to put your best product foot forward from the start.

Personal Branding
You need to present yourself in a way that promotes your brand. Snapshots or selfies will portray an unprofessional image of your company. Because you are part of the brand, a professional head shot is what you need.

A paid photographer will be able to capture your personality without sacrificing professionalism. In fact, it’s a good idea to spend some time talking with the photographer about how you want to be perceived. What image do you want to project into the business world? Write down adjectives that describe your business, your leadership style and your personal acumen.

A professional photographer will be able to make you look your best without looking stuffy. The best professional head shots have an authentic feel. You can achieve this with the photographer by careful selection of lighting, posture, location and apparel (solid colors are unanimously recommended). Consider having a professional do your make-up.

Staff Images Complete the Picture
You can avoid the unprofessional hodgepodge look by having the photographer do the same for your permanent staff. Your site will appear sharp and seamless. And when you have your staff use those professional images for their business-related social media presence and marketing campaigns, you extend your professional branding reach.

Lura Landis

There aren’t many people who enjoy their job more than Lura Landis. Every day she counts it as a blessing to make amazing images for people in the St. Joseph area. Lura Photography opened its doors in 2006 in Platte City, Missouri. When her life changed and she needed to move to St. Joseph in 2009, the only location option that would do was downtown. The current location of the studio is 724 Francis Street. Lura studied photography and studio operations with her former employer for 16 years and has taken several courses to continue to refine her craft. If you are interested in professional images for your brand, please visit or call (816) 749-4080.