A good percentage of the workforce is still corralled in cubicles, but a growing number of workers are breaking out on their own in this age of mobility and working from home offices or the local coffee shop with a Wi-Fi hotspot. What does this mean for the traditional PBX system?

Anyone who spent any time in an office setting has enjoyed the centrality and convenience of the PBX system, which helps callers get routed to the person with whom they need to speak. With more workers tied to mobile phones as their only means of telecommunication, the PBX system they relied on has to change.

The telecommunications industry listened and has come up with solutions that will work with mobile phones. The solution, like many of today’s latest technological innovations, is in the cloud. While the traditional PBX system was socked away in an office closet, the PBX system that mobile users utilize is in the cloud.

What are the benefits of having PBX in the cloud? Even businesses that continue to corral workers in cubicles are moving away from the in-house systems and partnering with a vendor that offers the service from the cloud. The reason is cost and convenience. The cloud version requires no hardware on the business end. There is nothing to purchase and there is definitely nothing to upgrade or maintain. Even the traditional office worker can take advantage of their PBX systems on the go now that it’s in the cloud. They are no longer tied to their handset in the office.

With a hosted PBX, workers have virtual offices at any location they choose. The hosted solutions also include pre-determined amounts of storage for files and e-mail. Contractors and technicians are taking advantage of these advancements and are skipping the office experience entirely. Realtors are big proponents of the technology as well. When a customer is routed to a mobile worker, they have no idea whether that worker is in a traditional office, or having a soy latte at the local Starbucks – that’s the advantage of cloud-based PBX systems.

Mobile PBX has come to the rescue of many companies that look for places to save money while keeping the same level of services for their workers and clients. Many of the mobile solutions provide VoIP-rich tools that have developed along with cloud-based applications. These tools give the traditional PBX services a huge run for the money, and some of the traditional solutions cannot offer the same services that the mobile solutions offer.

Companies and individuals who have gone through the transition say the process is not as difficult as it might seem. Some companies just add mobile PBX capabilities to their existing, in-house PBX.

Some companies balked at the transition due to their fear of security risks in the cloud. However, mobile PBX vendors base their reputations on the security of their product. Clients of these mobile solutions have enjoyed full assurance that their data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of going with a mobile PBX solution is that companies are getting more out of their employees and generating new revenue streams in the process.

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