You absolutely love the fact that you’ve stuck to your DIY approach to IT management. It causes you to spend less time at home and more time in the office, which is a complete joy. Better yet, you’re experiencing really lengthy down times and paying a lot of money to staff in-house to do your IT work. Here are some reasons why you don’t want to outsource your IT management.

1. Your In-House Staff is Cheaper Because They Know Less Than the Professionals
When you refuse to outsource your IT needs, you’re protecting yourself from a team of people knowledgeable of the latest and greatest technologies. It takes a lot of skill, training, certification and experience to be part of a professional IT team that works hard to make sure all your IT needs are met. If you want to avoid this kind of professionalism, keep these team players off your turf.

2. You Can Spend Less Time on Your Business
Your IT practices take up a lot of your time, time that would probably be better spent if you hired a professional company. You know IT isn’t your real area of expertise, so keep wasting your time on it instead of giving the chore over to someone who is qualified to handle it. You want to keep researching the various technologies and how to implement a solution that allows you to keep your DIY approach and halt any business growth.

3. You Can Enjoy Less Access to New Technology
IT specialists know what’s out there and what will benefit your company, unlike you. They’ve got their ear to the ground. Stick to your outdated technology and maintain your DIY approach to IT.

4. Maintenance is Your Hobby
Monitoring your systems is something you love to do, so why hand it over to someone else? Don’t let an outsourced professional watch your system at all times and fix it when something goes wrong – that’s your hobby.

5. You Like More IT Issues With the DIY Approach
You want to be accountable for any event that occurs with your IT, which is why you shouldn’t outsource. Outsourcing puts that responsibility into the hands someone else.

6. You Enjoy Spending Lots of Time on the Phone With Help Desks
Your in-house team has to have regular 15-minute breaks, a lunch break and days off. You don’t want to have access to a professional service that gives you a 24-hour help desk. If you like having as much down time as possible stay away from an outsourced professional that offers a help desk at all times.

7. You Have too Much Money – Might as Well Spend It
Companies with in-house IT staff will attest to the high cost of maintaining that staff. If you like wasting money, don’t outsource.

8. You Prefer No Flexibility
As your company grows, your in-house IT staff has to grow with it, which can be a real hassle. When you outsource, that growth is easily managed. Downsizing is also easily managed, so if you want to keep an inflexible situation going, don’t outsource.

9. Inconsistent Advice is Always the Best
With an objective source that has no knowledge of your current office politics, you’ll know that your IT answers will come back to you without a filter. But you enjoy all the politics that come with the typical office, so keep that in-house staff that’s well connected to the rumor mill.

10. You’re Holding Out for the Next Heartbleed Bug
You know you have limited security with your current system, so why bother outsourcing to a group that will keep you secure at all times? You enjoy the possibility of sabotage around every corner – it’s exciting, especially when hurricane season comes around and your database has absolutely no disaster recovery plan.

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