You know you are a great sales person when you can enter client orders into your cellphone while riding on the back of a Harley motorcycle. At the very least, you can prove that you are dedicated to your job.

Thanks to the technology that mobile apps give us, we can complete tasks virtually anywhere-on the back of a motorcycle, if the case may be- or on the move to another appointment.

Using mobile technology is a rather new tactic in sales. Initially, it was simply a source of entertainment and information. However, lately there has been a trend where apps are taking on a more useful role, which is making them much more valuable in the world of sales.

There are apps available now that enable sales reps to keep track on of their clients-both potential and ongoing-with contact information, meetings, last point of contact and even a place to keep notes. Having this information readily available added to the round-the-clock access to your email means that you can stay on top of potential sales at a moment’s notice.

The most valuable thing you give your clients is your time. Managing that time to optimize your work day is like an investment, so think of your mobile device as your own personal time banker. Use it to keep track of your availability and prioritize which clients come first. You don’t want a client to pass on scheduling a meeting with you just because you don’t have your calendar with you or miss an opportunity to seal the deal with a follow up phone call. Apps tailored especially for sales representatives have features that allow you to sync to your workplace calendar, automatically schedule follow up reminders and offer clients the ease of electronic contract signing. Some apps are even built to resemble games, giving incentives, awards and leader boards that can be seen by your entire company.

Twenty years ago, some may have viewed our generation as addicted to technology. Though mobile use has dramatically affected our everyday lives, in the world of sales, you can never be too connected. Using mobile technology to increase your productively is a wise investment.

Lisa Erdman

Lisa Erdman was born and raised in Rock Port, MO. She attended the University of Nebraska – Kearney majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Women’s Studies.