While you may be just warming up to the idea of spring, the summer intern season is right around the corner. If you’ve never introduced an intern program at your company, you might want to consider it for this year.  The benefits of offering internships are many, here are just a few that an intern program can provide for your company:

Fresh ideas: College students are often full of fresh ideas they’ve encountered in seminars or listening to lectures from industry experts on the cutting edge of innovation in your field. Inviting an intern to join your team for the summer is a great way to hear some new thoughts, and your intern may see parts of your process that could benefit from some tweaking.

Tech wizards: If the average age of your staff is becoming older, you may appreciate an intern that can help you sharpen your technology skills. Just by virtue of being college-aged, an intern is likely to be savvy with apps and programs that could save you time and money.

A trial run: Hiring an employee that turns out to be a bad fit is a costly mistake, and summer interns give you a chance to see the potential for a good complement to your team. Likewise, your intern gets the feel of your company without a long-term commitment. When they graduate, you might both be ready to talk about opportunities.

New momentum: Got a project that’s been sitting unfinished? You can give an intern real, meaningful work that gives them a way to list an accomplishment on their resume. Make sure it comes with a reasonable timeline for a summer intern and that the expectations are clearly defined.

Brand advocacy: Provide a great internship experience and you’ll gain some free brand loyalty and advocacy. Young people love to spread the word when they are passionate, so give them something to be passionate about with your company.

Offering more: You’re a company that provides more than a job. If your identity as a company is wrapped up in a particular charity or good cause, you can often attract great talent from colleges. You offer a meaningful experience, and you might identify soon-to-be graduates that are a perfect fit for your vision as a company.

Summer internships can be an exciting match for your company and the intern. When all goes well, you get some fresh perspective on your business processes and the chance to check out a potentially great hire. Take some time to plan your internship opportunities and get ready for a satisfying experience on both sides.

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