It used to be that you needed a gadget for everything. In the early 2000s you had to have a cell phone, desk phone, desktop computer, a laptop, camera and camcorder. Then there were PDA’s which could have stood for public display of affection; but most knew it as a personal data assistant that housed your calendar and contact information.

A lot has changed!

Two years ago, I would never have said you only needed two electronic items, and that if push came to shove you could get by with just one.

  1. Cell phone
  2. Laptop

Depending on your business needs you may never have to crack open your laptop I may be exaggerating a little bit because while I could do everything I need to do on my cell phone, it would it would make it much more difficult than using a real keyboard so I could view my content on a bigger screen and get my work done in half the time.

Yes, I know I’m leaving out tablets.

Those of you who swear by iPads will not be pleased with my thought process on this. Get rid of the iPhone 4 and buy the iPhone 6 with a much larger screen. I personally have the Samsung Galaxy S5 and would never go back. However, with a bigger screen on your cell, the need to have a tablet is irrelevant unless you simply want to play Angry Birds or let your children watch YouTube videos. (I still use my cell phone)

How you market your business has changed along with technology. It used to be that you had to pay for someone to produce your ads; paper or virtual. Now if you can’t figure out how to do it with just your cell phone and/or laptop you’re simply not looking in the right places or utilizing your gadgets to the full potential.

Cell Phone: A Must

The number of ways your cell phone can be used to market your business is endless. For one thing that Digital Camera you bought a couple of years ago for around $800 might as well find space in the back of your closet. Every cell phone now shoots video in HD. I’m biased but mine shoots video in 1080p and the picture quality is at 16MP. Many semi-professional cameras only go up to 16MP anyway, so depending on your light set-up the quality from your phone and what you get off of a camera could be the same. It’s one less thing to have to haul around, plus you can upload those photos directly onto your business’s Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter…….or have them automatically uploaded to Google.

Also, shooting your own video promo for your business is easy. I use my phone with a mic hook up to do it every day. You’ll need the software to edit unless you’re really good with YouTube or spent the extra cash to get an Apple and have access to I-Movie.

Then of course you can manage your website, your social media accounts, write emails, check your bank statements, make a deposit, collect payments and let’s not forget answer phone calls. Plus there’s an App for everything and if there’s not, invent it, you could get rich!

Laptop: Optional

Like I said you don’t have to have a laptop. However, there are many additional features a laptop provides your business; especially if you need to access certain programs to input data quickly such as Microsoft Suite, Adobe Suite and QuickBooks to name a few.

There are also the free programs that Google provides similar to Word and Excel which you can access and share through a virtual drive without having to pay a cent. I also use my personal laptop to edit videos and write articles. Like I said, I could, if needed, do that from my cell phone.

Nadia Price
St. Joseph Post News Director and Video Marketing Contractor

Nadia Price is the Online News Director of as well as reporter and weather specialist for K-JO 105.5, Q-Country 92.7, and KFEQ 680AM. She also has experience as a contract marketing consultant and videographer.