There are dozens of elements that make a brand what it is, but a very important one involves the aesthetic of your brand. This involves signage, email signatures, logos, videos – basically anything visual that your target audience associates with your business. If you feel like you’re not reaching your target audience or that the look of your brand doesn’t match your function, it’s time to consider rebranding.

Recently the national YWCA instituted a total rebranding initiative, using the focus “On a Mission.” To accomplish this goal, local chapters of the YWCA were given a link to a rebranding resource area on the YWCA website. This included web and print ready logos, ideas for letterhead and email signatures, banner artwork and social media icons.

The organization also shared clear guidelines on the website for how chapters should effectively carry out the rebranding work and provided a resource for questions. (Setting a clear rebrand launch date or time period is also a helpful strategy.) For the local YWCA, social media and blog content, as well as a formal rebrand announcement are tools the organization is using to help carry forth these guidelines.

Read below to see if you can apply any of these other tips to your business:

Know Who You Are
Revisit your mission statement with an objective eye and re-evaluate the visual elements you have in place. You want to make sure that the outward look of your brand is actually making the correct emotional connection with your target audience. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your visual elements.

Third Party Assistance
Not all business owners or their managers are going to be skilled in artistic or creative fields, which is where marketing professionals excel. It makes perfect sense to pull in a third party that specializes in assisting small businesses who want to reimagine their brand. Be open to what they suggest and trust their artistic eye, especially with logos and web design. In some cases, a small business might even revisit their name if it doesn’t define the organization.

Touch on Industry Topics
Do you have a blog? When was the last time it was updated? While the blog isn’t necessarily an artistically visual component, it does impact the amount of traffic your website generates. Make sure you’re hitting on the pertinent topics in your industry on a regular basis. Use a few blog posts to discuss and explain your rebranding efforts.

Go Mobile
Is your website mobile friendly? People go online with their mobile devices more than they go online with desktop computers, which means the design elements must be fine-tuned for mobile. An antiquated web design weakens your brand, so make sure your site is updated frequently as design element preferences of users evolve quite frequently.

Email Signature
Your company email signature should be considered a snapshot of the soul of your company. Your signature might be sending the wrong message. If you’ve decided on a new logo, make sure to update it in your signature, and keep it small. The signature should also be short and include the right links to your website and icons to your social media networks.

Video is Important
Finally, video needs to be a part of your rebranding effort. Video is exceedingly popular and is the most consumed content format with web users. In fact, YouTube is the second most popular channel for search after Google. You can use video to convey your mission and your message, and it really does build trust with viewers.
Rebranding is an important step if you are missing the mark with your target audience. But as you work on rebranding, don’t forget to stay true to your message and your brand story. It is the foundation for all the other elements of your marketing. Learn more about the YWCA national rebranding efforts here.

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