Something I really enjoy about running my own business is marketing. Some find it a struggle, while for others it comes easy. My strategy when it comes to marketing is to always ask myself, “How would I consume this ad?” From there, I can begin to focus on where the consumers’ attention really is. Of course, this is different depending on the demographic you are trying to reach.

I wouldn’t say that old-school methods of advertising like radio, TV ads, billboards, etc. are “dead,” but I do think they are way overpriced. The majority of radio listeners now listen to their phone music via Bluetooth. People watching TV are fast forwarding through commercials or are distracted during commercials (probably by social media on their phone). People driving down the road are not looking at billboards; most of them aren’t even looking at the road! So where do I focus my attention? I focus on where my attention is and where my peers’ attention is: Social media.

When it comes to social media, many just think of Facebook or Twitter. I try to focus on the platforms that are the most prominent and the ones where my target audience is: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. However, my plays on each one are different. Each platform has to have a tailored strategy in order to reach users effectively.

Snapchat, for example, is an amazing marketing tool for the “now” attention. Due to the expiring photos, it forces people to pay attention for a few seconds – and you have that attention tenfold – as opposed to Facebook where individuals are scrolling and being more selective.

Facebook is great for ads. Due to the fact that you can get such a huge reach for such a little price tag, I would highly recommend them. You can even view analytics that tell you who is viewing and engaging with your ads. You can also target your audience. In my case, I could target males that are 40 years and older for a testosterone enhancement product. This ends up saving me a lot of money by preventing my ads from being served to 18-year old girls who would find the ad irrelevant. On the other hand, I can target an ad for a Hair, Skin and Nails vitamin to women. Right now, I believe Facebook ads are extremely underpriced and effective. Not enough local businesses use them, making them even more valuable!

What are your favorite marketing tips and ideas? Which social media platforms do you find to be the best fit for your organization? I would love to get feedback and talk with fellow business owners to learn new ideas. Feel free to come by Fit Republic to get ahold of me or email me at

Austin Evans

Austin Evans started his fitness journey about nine years ago as a skinny kid with aspirations, but had no idea where to start towards his goals, or even what his goals were exactly. He just knew he wanted to start working out and improving his fitness. Over the years, he has come a long way and realized that helping people learn about nutrition and fitness is his passion. Currently, Austin owns a supplement store in St. Joseph called Fit Republic. His business focuses on educating people about the importance of diet and exercise and offers supplements at competitive prices.