A ribbon cutting ceremony is a great way to inaugurate your new business or celebrate the opening of a new location of your existing business. It can be designed around a number of purposes, from thanking loyal customers and hard-working staff to highlighting a partnership with another business entity.

A well-executed ribbon cutting can be a great starting off point for new businesses by creating an event customers won’t soon forget. That’s what The Hearing Connection recently achieved with a tailgating themed ribbon cutting ceremony. Serving up brats and Italian sausage accompanied by refreshments, The Hearing Connection was celebrating the opening of a new location during many people’s favorite time of the year: football season.

The Hearing Connection’s tailgating theme was made complete with the presence of a special guest, former Kansas City Chiefs running back, Ted McKnight. The event created an entertaining space for customers to get to know the staff and feel welcome at the new business.

Whatever the purpose of your ribbon cutting ceremony, make it memorable with a creative theme. Here are some ideas to spur creative ribbon cutting ideas:

Decide what the purpose of your ribbon cutting ceremony will be. If you are thanking your customers with your ribbon cutting for instance, make sure the events are planned with the purpose of showing appreciation. Whether you hand out coupons, plan games where they can win prizes or simply offer a cold drink, your customers should be able to clearly see that you are there to thank them.

Choose a theme. Here’s where you can get really creative. Think about the time of year that you are hosting your ribbon cutting, and choose a party theme. Gear the activities and food towards that theme. Consider who you will ask to attend as your special guest and consider using their identity as the basis of your party theme, like The Hearing Connection did with a football tailgating theme.

You could plan a Hollywood glamour ribbon cutting, complete with a red carpet and a photo set, with accessories for guests to wear in pictures. You could also host a Vegas night, where casino games are set up in various places around the business to keep guests moving around the party. A pumpkin-carving party, with a contest for the best carving could keep a family-oriented business hopping with party guests in the fall months.

Plan activities that will engage your attendees. The actual ribbon cutting will take a short time. You may have a few speeches and a couple of photos taken, but be sure to plan some other activities to keep the party going. Have a few stations set up with games or activities based on your theme. Consider having other events happening at separate set times from the ribbon cutting, such as a drawing for door prizes. Special guests or honorees are also a good idea to keep the conversation going.

Planning an exciting ribbon cutting will take some careful thought, but with a personal touch, entertaining theme and a good reason to celebrate, you should have the basis for a great party. Send out your invitations, plan your activities to keep them having a good time at the party and then get ready to sit back and enjoy the fun.

One last tip: Create a sign in sheet where guests can leave their name and email. Use this database to thank attendees and grow your e-newsletter mailing list.

Dave Newman

Dave Newman is the owner and operator of The Hearing Connection in St. Joseph. Dave is licensed to dispense hearing instruments in Missouri and Kansas, and is a life-long resident of the area. His passion is helping people improve the gift of hearing, and he takes pride in the excellence of care he delivers to every individual. Dave has made a difference not only in the quality of his patients' lives, but also in the lives of their families.