I hear this statement often, and I agree, it’s true. I get to roll out of bed around 7:30 (if my dogs let me sleep that late), not shower unless I have a client meeting (don’t judge me – you would do it too) and work from my couch while Netflix is on in the background, right? Wrong.

In order to be productive working from home, you have to create a space you want to “go” to every day for work. If you have the luxury of a spare room where you can create an office, do just that. As a female, I want a space that is bright, pretty, full of office supplies I may never use but look really neat and a fabulous desk and desk chair that I’ll want to be in for x number of hours a day.

I need to be inspired in my workspace, yet comfortable. I also need to be void of as many distractions as possible. So Netflix on in the background, not ideal. Sure, we’ve all worked at night with the TV on, but the reality is that your full attention isn’t on what you’re getting paid for. And if you’re tracking your time hourly, a full 40 minute episode of Pretty Little Liars a really educational documentary has passed, and you maybe only put in 20 minutes of actual work.

Let’s not kid ourselves, though. Working from home does have its perks. In a traditional office setting, you may take a five minute mental break to talk to your cube neighbor about your weekend. At home, talking to your dog for five minutes is considered crazy – doing a load of laundry, however, is not. So take those moments to peel your blood-shot eyes off of your computer screen and refocus.

In the digital world that we now live in, working from home will become more common as it has cost savings and convenience attached to it. However, remain as visible as possible. Check in with your boss and co-workers, skype in for meetings (and don’t forget to wear pants … in case you get up to grab a paper) and make a to-do list or agenda for the day.

It may take time to find your groove from home, and you may even discover that kind of freedom and flexibility doesn’t work for your personality. But in the end, your work should speak for itself.

I’m blessed to work from home the majority of my work days, but every now and then, it’s helpful to hear other people’s success stories. So check out these tips from Inc.com or feel free to shoot me an email with any questions!