The St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce is busy helping to grow the business community. By becoming a member of the Chamber you join a team of professionals whose ultimate goal is a growing environment where hard work, innovation, creativity and rewards are commonplace. Our goals are lofty, but worthy. The benefits to you personally are even more definable.

Make More Business-to-Business Connections

In business it does matter what you know. But so much more is possible when you combine that with the benefits of who you know. Through the Chamber you have the chance to meet other business community members on a regular basis. The Chamber hosts events on a regular basis which provide you with opportunities to network and build working relationships.

Make More Connections With the Public

Every time you can get your name in front of the public, it strengthens your brand. Your Chamber membership ensures that you will be getting positive exposure often. To begin with, when people in the community contact us inquiring about business information or asking for referrals, members are the ones who will get mentioned. You’ll be linked through our website. Other ways we work to promote you to the community happen through print media, online, mobile app, event sponsorship and advertising. Your membership gives you broad exposure to the public.

Make More Connections With Lawmakers

At the Chamber we are devoted to enhancing a pro-business culture. You can count on us to stay on top of legislation and proposed initiatives that impact business. Your membership helps to keep those issues clearly defined at all levels of government. If you have concerns bring them to meetings and find out what we are doing or can do to make a difference.

Make More of an Impact in Your Community

Your Chamber membership directly benefits your business, but it also works to benefit the wider St. Joseph community. Membership contributes to a vital and expanding business base in our town. And stronger businesses lead to more and better jobs for St. Joseph residents. That, in turn, increases our income tax base and provides improvements which benefit all who live here and call St. Joseph home.

If you’ve recently become a Chamber member, we encourage you to take advantage of all the benefits afforded you. Attend events and build a business network. Find out about event sponsorships and places where we can help you enjoy high visibility advertising. Show community spirit by staying informed on business-related legislation and having a voice in building a stronger business environment.  We want you to get the most out of your Chamber membership.

Kristi Bailey
Director of Communications & Marketing

As Director of Communications and Marketing for the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, Kristi Bailey is responsible for the management, development and design of Chamber publications including newsletters, electronic correspondence, annual products and news releases. She also is responsible for website content. Ms. Bailey also assists staff in the development of marketing materials.