Did you know October 1 is “National Ghost Hunting Day?” It also happens to be “National Homemade Cookies Day” and “National Fire Pup Day.” Pick a topic anyone might be passionate about and there is likely a day dedicated to it.

While the above topics are rather comical or even trivial, there are many “National” days that draw attention to important topics, such as “Earth Day” and “Women’s Equality Day.” What many organizations are finding out now is that they can make a difference, both in their community and in bringing attention to their organization by registering as a partner in a national campaign.

The St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce recently partnered with “National Manufacturing Day” and helped to promote several manufacturing Chamber members. “National Manufacturing Day” addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to share what their industry is about. The Chamber’s involvement helped give St. Joseph’s youth a glimpse into an industry that they might not have otherwise known about or understood.

The Chamber promoted the seven businesses that got involved in the event through blogs, news releases and signage around town. The day was a success because of these promotions and gave residents an opportunity to learn about the different types of positions and training available at St. Joseph manufacturing sites. Local manufacturers are always looking for talented individuals to join their team, and thanks to the involvement in “National Manufacturing Day,” they have a new group of people who are now aware of the opportunities.

Organizations have also been motivated to create their own campaigns to coincide with a national day or month of recognition. For instance, it’s not unusual for organizations to host 5k events in April during “National Cancer Awareness Month” to raise money for cancer research. These events are successful because there is already an audience there, and in some cases promotional funds available to assist in drumming up more public interest in the event.

National campaigns are important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they have a positive impact on the community and on the nation as a whole. They can also provide an opportunity to show customers and potential customers that you are concerned about your community. These campaigns can help you get noticed by local media (earned advertising!). You get a chance to connect with the public on a personal level and reveal the caring and compassionate team behind your organization that make it a success, and prove that it is more than just a business.

If you’re looking for something a little more light-hearted to pull your community together, look for an interactive opportunity such as “National Cat Day” where you ask your social media followers to submit cute kitten videos to your site and make a donation to the local animal shelter. This can really boost activity and page views on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites, but it’s also providing funds for a good cause that everyone can get behind.  Partnering with a national campaign helps you to promote your business on a larger scale and can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy.

Kristi Bailey
Director of Communications and Marketing

As Director of Communications and Marketing for the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, Kristi Bailey is responsible for the management, development and design of Chamber publications including newsletters, electronic correspondence, annual products and news releases. She also is responsible for website content. Ms. Bailey also assists staff in the development of marketing materials.