Branding is essential to your company’s success. The name of your organization, the awesome logo, and your catchy tagline is going to come together to express far more than you might think at first. It will all be a way to craft a memorable image and begin to foster loyalty among your customers. Your brand is how the public will learn to identify your company, so you have to make sure that it is recognizable and memorable.

What motivates people to buy products and services? The brand. And brand loyalty is a process. It includes involvement, strong attitudes, resistance to change, and a commitment to the brand. By branding your company, you are giving your customers, potential and current, something to create a relationship with, of sorts.

Since you’re asking your customers to make a commitment to you and your brand, you have to make a commitment to your customers. This is done through that initial creation of the brand, or even during a season of rebranding. As stated before, your brand will express a lot more than just your logo and what your company does. It reminds the customer of your willingness to give them excellent customer service and the quality of the product or service you’re giving them. Basically, it generates that warm, fuzzy feeling in your customers when they see your logo. It has been stated that brand loyalty helps generate a better profit, especially during harder economic times. Products and services with a successful branding strategy can activate a passionate group of people. And who doesn’t want a group of passionate people supporting their organization?

Branding is important because without branding, your company has no differentiation. Without any differentiation in the market, you won’t be able to maintain long-term profitability. People aren’t loyal to products and services, they are loyal to brands.

Now that you’re convinced it is important, don’t forget to take into consideration the following as you’re building your brand. Make sure that your organization is delivering a message clearly and make sure that it is a sustainable message and value. Connect with your target market through building relationships; people are more likely to create and maintain that brand loyalty if they feel they are needed. If you’re a business that is already established, don’t think that you can’t take the time to gradually rebuild who you are and what you’re expressing to your audience. There’s always the opportunity for a second first impression.

Susan Campbell
Marketing and Content Creation Professional (SJC Copywriting)

Susan J. Campbell is a marketing and content creation professional with more than 20 years in the B2B world. As a writer, marketer and business owner, she understands the challenges today’s organizations face when trying to dominate the market. With a team of experienced marketing communications professionals at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, she helps both businesses and non-profits navigate opportunities both online and in print to maximize their reach and growth their market share. Susan is a graduate of Missouri Western State University with a bachelor’s of science degree in Business Administration with a marketing emphasis. She is a Past President of the Eastside Rotary Club and is actively involved with a number of local community organizations.