Social media, mobile access and digital transformation all mean that companies are able to interact with their customers more easily, and offer immediate responses to questions and concerns. For instance, consumers can make a dental appointment on a smartphone while they wait in the grocery line, and a representative from a supplier might be answering your question about a part on social media while they enjoy a plate of spaghetti with their family.

The accessibility of information makes customer service easier at times, and consumers have certainly come to expect an almost immediate response to any question communicated online. The flow of information has made it convenient to do business from anywhere, anytime.

With so much change in the digital age, though, it’s nice to know that some things never change. Excellent customer service will always be in demand, and there are companies that never sacrifice it for a flashier version of business.

That’s why it’s still important to hold on to traditional values when it comes to the customer experience. Yes, consumers expect you to be innovative, but they also want you to be personalized. They want self-service, but they want you to know that they are the ones behind the transaction and you need to remember what they ordered, and why they ordered it.

At Gray Manufacturing, the focus has long been on the individual as the primary customer. For more than 65 years, our company has used what we call “The Gray Difference” to guide our customer service principles. Despite a staff of over 200 employees, Gray Manufacturing has maintained a family-centric atmosphere, which includes their customers.

In fact, you’ll hear employees at Gray Manufacturing calling customers “highly valued neighbors.” Their neighbors experience the difference, too, when they call in to the customer service department. You’ll never hear a voice mail or other recording when you call Gray Manufacturing. When you dial that 800 number, you’ll talk with a real person who’s ready to talk and happy to assist you.

As a company, Gray Manufacturing is technically in the business of selling jacks, lifts, dollies, stands and a variety of other products, but our main focus is the excellent treatment of employees, vendors and customers. That doesn’t come through innovation and progress, but instead a cultural focus on what the customer needs to experience each and every time they interact with our brand.

It’s never cool or progressive to trade customer service for a better Facebook profile or mobile accessibility. These marketing tools are important, but not a replacement for the traditional focus on the customer experience. So many companies, in an effort to gain market share or brand recognition, leave their customers feeling forgotten.

That’s never been the case for Gray Manufacturing. We are committed to treating everyone on our staff, everyone that supplies our parts and everyone that buys our products with respect and genuine care. It’s part of what makes up The Gray Difference and it’s one that any business can easily emulate to drive their own corner of success.

Gray Manufacturing

Gray Manufacturing Company, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing and selling lifting equipment since 1952. Gray has become a market leader in the lifting industry through innovative designs and unsurpassed service to our customer.